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Africa Ninja Adventures

Life is an adventure and it is about having fun. I am a firm believer in this and do try and go on an adventure as often as I can.

Zimbabwe (where I live) is full of adventure from beautiful scenery, national parks full of wildlife that is there to be visited and I am fortunate too have friends who also enjoy going on trips.

Zimbabwe Fuel Situation

The fuel crisis is REAL! The fuel situation in Zimbabwe is a real problem, there are queues all over Zimbabwe with hundreds of cars all in line to get their tanks filled up.  The problem is there is NO fuel.  The government is saying the country has fuel but on the...

New Years at Olive Beadle

Zambezi River New Years Over the years, I have done all the New Years (NYE) parties in Zimbabwe and around the world and I remember having so much fun.  There are so many stories I can tell you regarding NYE parties in Victoria Falls, Kariba etc.  I am not sure why we...

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