Antelope Park

Over the years, I have visited Antelope Park which is situated just outside of Gweru, Zimbabwe.

The reason for my visits generally revolve around friends & family coming to Zimbabwe on holiday and we want to show them a great time and Antelope Park falls into this category.

What is Antelope Park?

Antelope Park is a private game reserve that was established in 1987 with the sole goal of giving local Zimbabweans and foreign visitors an experience of a lifetime.

Over the years, the park has established themselves as one of the leaders in lion research (Panthera leo) who provides universities & organisations around the world with vital information about the African lion as well as other wildlife species found in Zimbabwe.

Antelope Park has been awarded the World Tourism Awards for ‘Zimbabwes leading private game reserve for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Be a guest at Antelope Park

As I mentioned before, I have been a guest at AP and every time I have visited, it always leaves me with a smile.

I feel like I have spent my time wisely, plus the people with us always say, “What a place!

Whether you are staying the night or just visiting for the day, there is not enough time for you to experience all that is on offer around the game reserve. 



I will hold my hands up and say, I did not realise how much accommodation is available at Antelope Park. 

I knew there is a camping site and come tented lodges but I had no idea what was over the bridge that goes over the river in front of AP. There is a whole new world of accommodation types. 

Basically, Antelope Park can accommodate everyone from 1 person to group booking and everything in between. 

You also have food options (depending on accommodation) You can eat in the restaurant or you can self-cater. This is a great option to have. 



Antelope Park has one of the best reputations in Zimbabwe and around Southern Africa for their activities that they have on offer for guests who come to the game reserve.

I believe there are over 20 different activities that you and your family can do while visiting the park. Some of the activities you can enjoy:

  • Lion Encounter
  • Elephant Interaction
  • Sunset Carriage Rides
  • Bush Drives
  • Horse Safaries
  • Night Encounters
  • Snake Interaction
  • Bird Viewing
  • and many many more…

There really too many to list down, but if you visit the website and click on the experiences tab, you will be able to view them all.

Volunteering at Antelope Park

Volunteering at AP is huge, they have an abundance of people from around the world who come and volunteer their services to maintain the game reserve.

Each volunteer comes for here with because of a programme that is close to their heart and they want to make a difference.

Currently, according to their website, there are 8 different volunteer programs at Antelope Park that volunteers can be a part of.

Some of them are specific to a single program and then there are combinations which allow volunteers to experience two different programs.

I will admit, I thought volunteers were people having a gap year and wanted to see the world. How I was wrong. There is such a variety of individuals who come from around the world to help at AP.

It is these volunteers who allow organisations like Antelope Park to do the research and improve the conservation in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

antelope park volunteering

Volunteer Programs

As mentioned, there are 8 programmes at Antelope Park for volunteers. Here are the programmes available:

  • Lion Conservation
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Horse Management
  • Community Medical
  • Community Teaching
  • Horse & Lion Conservation
  • Teaching & Lion Conservation
  • Medical & Lion Conservation

As you can see, being a volunteer coming to AP you have a wide variety to choose and I guess it depends on what your likes and how you want to help out. 

Lion Playing at AP

Get in touch with Antelope Park

As you can tell there are two completely different aspects to AP (Guests & Volunteering) so it really depends on who you are looking to contact. 

Here is all the contact information I can find:

Be a guest

Tel+263 54 231 933



Social Media

Be a volunteer

Tel+263 54 231 933

Volunteer Dpt:

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