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Journey to online excellence

The World Wide Web (www) is a very powerful place for business to generate more customers from and I spend most of my days working online. 

I often share my knowledge with my readers to help them increase their web exposure using techniques that I have tried and tested. If my SEO techniques work for my websites, it will work for any website on the internet. 

Hope what I share helps you!

Divi Theme Hacks

I came across this document on a Divi Facebook Group. This is a list of links to various websites that explain how to do some really cool things to your Divi website. The Divi Theme is one of the most popular themes/page builders on the market and with these tips you...

Bulawayo Digital Marketing

Bulawayo Digital Marketing 2019 The internet is a wonderful way of gaining exposure for your business to build awareness, trust and generate more customers. There are so many different ways to engage with people online: Social Media Networks Email Marketing SEO Pay...

Web Work at Antelope Park

The new website designer at Antelope Park Over the last couple of months, I have been speaking with Antelope Park to become their dedicated website designer, not only for but also all their other businesses around Zimbabwe. This was not an easy...

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