Msuna Fishing Trip 2018

December Fishing Trip to Msuna Resort

I am a massive fan of the Zambezi River and it is a goal to explore it all one day. Sheer beauty!

Early December, myself, family and friends will be heading to Msuna for 5 nights to do some fishing and get away from life in town.

The two fishing resorts along this part of the river which I like are Msuna & Olive Beadle. Over the years I come to these two locations many times and I still long to go back as soon as I leave to head back to reality.

Blog Update: We have gone and done our fishing holiday at Msuna Resort and it was fantastic. So much fun had by all and again, I highly recommend Msuna as a place to take the family and do some fishing!

Msuna & Olive Beadle

What a fantastic fishing trip

As I update this post, I have the fishing holiday blues. I could have stayed there for another week and become an island fishing bum spending my days fishing in the mornings & evenings and sleeping during lunch.

In total there was 10 souls, 7 adults and 3 children. It was a lovely mix and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

The ones who wanted to wake up at sunrise to go fishing did, the ones who wanted to sit around chatting and drinking vino did and the kids, well, they had a blast running around, fishing and not watching a lot of TV.

Fishing at Msuna

Of course, you go to Msuna to catch fish and we tried, unfortunately, we were not successful as we would have hoped.

There were two reasons why we did not catch a lot of fish:

  • Rusty fisherman
  • Dirty water

We did catch the rain water coming down from the north of the Zambezi River which brought muddy water and while we were there, rain fell for two out of the five days.

As I also said, being very rusty, it was hard to work out what was working and what was not. Well, we figured out what was not working but that did not stop us from enjoying trying to catch fish.

fishing msuna

Msuna sunsets

If you have ever been on the Zambezi River or on Lake Kariba, you will understand when I say the sunsets are magical. 

You have a beautiful landscape that the sun sets itself across producing some glorious views. Most of the time, pictures do not do them justice. 

Below are some images of some of the sunsets we experienced…

Msuna & Olive Beadle
Msuna & Olive Beadle
Msuna & Olive Beadle
Msuna & Olive Beadle

Msuna accommodation

We stayed in Malachite Lodge which is privately owned but can be rented/hired out. 

I was very impressed with the lodge itself, very neat and in a brilliant location on the island. There are four rooms all with aircon. There is a bar which is away from the house and a shared pool with the neighbouring lodge. 

The lodge comes with Mo. Mo looks after the house and you during your stay, he will cook, clean, help you launch boats and keep them clean after your fishing trips. Basically, there to make your stay even better!

Msuna & Olive Beadle
Msuna & Olive Beadle
Msuna & Olive Beadle
Msuna & Olive Beadle

Msuna fishing review

Overall, I was very happy, we all had a blast. 

The accommodation was top notch and would recommend staying at this particular lodge as it offered exactly what we were looking for.

The fishing was not good but that is fishing, it is not called catching. 

I would 100% come back to Msuna.

Msuna & Olive Beadle

Where is Msuna?

Msuna is located on the xxx part of the Zambezi River, between Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba.

Map to MsunaThere are three modes of transport to get to Msuna Resort:

  • Car
  • Plane
  • Boat

The most used option is driving as not many people have a plane and you can easily tow your boat to the resort. 

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