World Record Chessa?

Is this a new world record Chessa?

I follow a gentle name by the name of Craig Haskins (Jomela Lodge, Zambezi River) and he shared a post:

A Friend took pics of a local fisherman of this monster 10.41 kg at Hwange Angling Club. Nkupe caught yesterday morning. Sadly not released. Had to share.

You can view the post here.

Now this post and the pictures caused a very interesting conversation:

  • Is this a World Record fish?


One Facebook user commented that it 100% was a record, stating that the current record is held by Pat Bwerinofa at a weight of 9.995kg. 

If this fish was caught properly and went through the correct channels, the fisherman would have their name recorded against the biggest fish.

The problem… I do not believe this fish to be caught in the proper way. I believe this fish was netted!

It is very unfortunate that this fishing was:

  • Caught illegally
  • Did not go through the proper channels and recorded as a world record
  • Not released

A fish of the size and age deserved to be put back in the Zambezi River.

You can view the post on Facebook for more information.

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